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Raw1211 30 days ago

Fresh Strawberry Pancakes

Tons of delicious menu items to choose from, wonderful service, and great atmosphere - especially for having two babies under 1! Decaf coffee is a tip I got and glad I did, decaf cafe au lait as a nice treat! Will be returning, love having a new spot in Old Torrance.

Boycediana about 2 months ago

The Fig Melt

OMG, this is the best sandwich, ever! Figs, cheese, old fashioned Virginia-style bacon, plus the best tomato soup! But I LOVED the decor, the ambience! Think of elegance for us motor-heads! This place would fit from Long Beach to Manhattan Beach, from 'Del Rey to Daytona! No matter your age, if you love boats, bikes, or cars, and LOVE great food, go! This is now my favorite!

Lisabasile22 3 months ago

Wheat Berry & Oats Hot Cereal

When I ordered this it was kind of a test - how could anyone make oatmeal spectacular? Well they did it!! It was loaded with the most delicious berries and nuts and drizzled with honey. Every bite was yummy and it was all fresh - just the right texture not too thick or too thin.

Snakamura21 3 months ago

Fried Egg Tartine

This was so yummy and filling. There were so many tasty sounding dishes I want to go back to try. Their macha latte was great too!

Bridie 3 months ago

Fried Egg Tartine

Delicious! Fresh ingredients, and wonderful service! Not to mention a damned fine Flat White.

Marcus 4 months ago

Breakfast Wrap

This is the first item I ever tried from their restaurant and while I love their other items, I keep on coming back to this one. Currently marathon training and this hits the spot after my long runs. The ingredients are fresh and the flavor is on point. I highly recommend it.

Ellenmary 4 months ago

Wheat Berry & Oats Hot Cereal

Had this the first time I came in and I can't get it out of my head! Just a wonderful combination of flavor pops and textures—who'd have thought oatmeal could be so wonderful!!

Lisha 4 months ago

The Mushroom & Bleu Burger

Oooie gooey cheese running down my fingers with the first overwhelming great bite. A little crunch with that bite makes it so I couldn't put the burger down until I finished the whole thing. Yummy!

Asbanks777 4 months ago

Breakfast Wrap

As good as it looks! And enough to share or take to go. My favorite was that i was able to swap the bacon for a veggie alternative. Thank you!

Laurie 4 months ago


Love this place - the owners and staff are awesome. So is the food! Today I had the Shakshuka - outstanding as always. The Fried Egg Tartine is my other favorite. And the pork sausage is absolutely delicious. Kudos to Gordon and the entire staff! See you next week.

Cathy about 2 months ago

Fried Egg Tartine

So amazing! Trust me I'm a carnivore and I had a bite of this off my husbands plate and have ordered it every time since! The awesome waitress brought me extra pesto and that's the only way to order it from now on! Try it! You won't be disappointed!

Lauren 2 months ago

Blueberry Pancakes

They are AMAZING! And great for dessert, too!!

Laurie 3 months ago

Breakfast Wrap

Yummy! My new favorite!!

Kriskpotter 3 months ago

Brioche Breakfast Sandwich

Delish! Great place Great people!

Okour1295 3 months ago

Fried Egg Tartine

I loved the combination! It really tastes so good, and also fills you up for a couple hours! I really loved it

Knbgpeterson 4 months ago

Breakfast Wrap

We live in the neighborhood and were excited to see something being built in this long-empty space less than a minute's walk from our house. We finally got around to visiting last week and it was so good! I had the breakfast wrap and it's going to be my new weekend go-to for when I'm too lazy to cook for myself. Food was out quick, it was hot, and very tasty. We'll be back again!

Kathleenpeddell 4 months ago

The Clutch Burger

Ahhh-MAZING! I actually tried this burger after a friend of mine brought it to me hours after it was made, AND IT WAS STILL AMAZING! NEVER did i think that hours later the ingredients would still taste FRESH, & nothing was overcooked (like the meats always seem to be with burgers everywhere else!). Im an ex military wife, so ive eaten at MANY places across the nation, & kinda consider myself a "foodie"... ive eaten "world famous" burgers from Texas, where they claim to have the freshest/best beef, ive eaten at BBQ joints across the entire south, where their known for their skills on the BBQ, AND STILL CLUTCH & COFFEE HAD THE ABSOLUTE BEST BURGER. Everything from the bread, the veggies, the patty, etc, were all SO SCRUMPTIOUS. Even the presentation hours later was beautiful! Along with their reasonable prices, & great food, i'd have to say this place cannot be beat, and for the price u pay to eat at fast food restaurants now, (although i would NOT put Clutch & Coffee in the category of "fast food", im just making the comparison) where u can EASILY spend $10-$13 on one meal, I'D MUCH RATHER spend that same amount, if not less, at Clutch & Coffee, for amazing food, and ACTUALLY FEEL GOOD after eating a meal, instead of feeling loaded down, and just plain "yuck" after eating at one of these fast food places. Also, if u havent tried their coffee yet, which i happened to try at the "King of the Hammers" event that they also attended, YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT. So SMOOTH, so tasty, & it "soooo does the job" that coffee needs to do when u need it! Clutch & Coffee is a MUST, if your in the area, or happen to be at an event that their at, u must check em' out! U WONT be diapointed!

Erikahatz 4 months ago

Blueberry Pancakes

The blueberry pancakes are the best I've ever had. Delish!

Tb03030303 4 months ago

Brioche Breakfast Sandwich

The best sandwich I've had in a while

Ndlainez 4 months ago

Pecan Pesto & Burrata

I loved this dish it was an explosion of flavors my favorite so far !!customer service was great as well as the coffee!!


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