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Gipsy 16 days ago

The Mushroom & Bleu Burger

I loved this burger! It was delicious! The mushroom sauce made the burger!

Blakemathieu 27 days ago

The Mushroom & Bleu Burger

The food was out of this world. I was beyond impressed with how much I got in my plate as well. You will never leave here hungry! They capture the old school America diner vibe with their menu and have the most interesting interior. No matter where you sit you'll always spot a new detail about the restaurant. The wait staff was on top of their game, extremely friendly and ready to help at anytime! 10/10 Would go back anytime!

Thegarciabunch about 1 month ago

Blueberry Pancakes

My friend ordered this plate and gave me a taste. The lemon flavor is out of this world! I wish I had ordered a side of it all for myself. The portion size is very generous, totally shareable. If you enjoy a lemon flavor this dish is a must!

Mike about 2 months ago

Thick Cut Bacon

Used to come to this location when it was Buffy's. This place has surpassed Buffy's in a major way. The choices on the menu were exceptional and the wait staff and cooks great. This will easily become one of my wife's and my go to places in the future. Can hardly wait to try all of the menu!

Angelagutknecht about 2 months ago

The Eldon Classic Benedict

Absolutely delicious loved the crispy bacon and that potatoes that came with it were perfect. My friend had the eggs,. potatoes and thick cut bacon. My other friend had the oatmeal with berries and nuts. They loved their choices. Cute atmosphere a little echoey but we were all able to still chat comfortably. Wait staff and manager were super friendly. They even tried to enlarge a menu for me because I have poor eye sight. What a sweet and kind gesture. Reception desk does need more training in customer service and politeness. We will definitely return.

Uchidabrian about 2 months ago

PB & J Belgian Waffle

Sounds pedestrian - BUT it isn't! Smooth, creamy, with strawberry jam - Wow! So good, i felt guilty. Didn't plan on finishing the dish but i couldn't resist. I used a little syrup on it but really didn't need it. I've been back for a second visit and had to talk myself into NOT order the PB&J again!

Chrispypics 2 months ago

Smoked Sausage Roll

ordered for lunch ... love the feta, greens and of course the sausage. thought I'd need to ask for mustard but it doesn't need it. bread is amazing too. it's HUGE - so maybe share the first one or plan to take half home.

Chrispypics 2 months ago

Fried Egg Tartine

soooo yummy and pretty darn healthy ... avocado smoosh, spinach, artichoke, corn meal fried tomato, topped with a perfect fried egg and the right amount of pesto. soooo delicious. filling, yet not heavy. try it, you'll love it!

Lisabasile22 2 months ago

The Gyro Burger

This burger was delicious! The patty is fresh, handmade, the gyro meat juicy and seasoned just right. The veggies were flavorful too - It was nice to be able to get so much flavor from the food itself - I never felt the need to add any seasoning. I would recommend asking for a little extra tzatziki sauce - so good! And trust me - you will eat every one of your fries!

Joni 2 months ago

Breakfast Wrap

This time I brought my 16 year old daughter to have brunch. We sat at the counter because the booths were taken. The breakfast wrap did not disappoint. It had the perfect amount of spice! The staff is so friendly too! Gordon stopped and asked us how our meals were and we told him. I welcomed him to Torrance and told him how happy we are that his eatery is in town. Good people. Good eats. I look forward to the next meals I'm able to have here!

Daphne6 2 months ago

Fried Egg Tartine

The best "avocado toast" ive ever had! The food is superb, and the service is perfection! I love this place!

Tina.Neu 2 months ago

Blueberry Pancakes


Harperandgrace 25 days ago

Biscuits & Gravy

Our new favorite cafe in Torrance!! Finally a place with quality food AND great coffee. Most places it's one or the other. I definitely recommend the nitro cold brew, so good! We can't wait to come back:)

Ledlove about 1 month ago

Blueberry Pancakes

OMG...I am NOT a pancake kind a girl, but had to try these and they were the absolute best thing ever! Thank you for giving us a new place to breakfast and lunch - that drive to the beach was getting tiring, hee hee. And, your waitress is super sweet, too (just wish I could remember her name). Thanks again!!

Melaporte28 about 2 months ago

Blueberry Pancakes

So amazing! Pancakes were loaded with blueberries and the lemon butter made this dish especially delicious. Highly recommend this for breakfast/ brunch as it is a truly blissful rich, indulgence,

Sandra about 2 months ago

Brioche Breakfast Sandwich

This is hands down the *BEST* breakfast sandwich, ever! Their house-made sauce really sets it to the next level. It has the perfect amount of bacon, sauce, and arugula on a brioché bun. The eggs are always fluffy and not crusty/old tasting. I would def. recommend this for breakfast paired with their flat white (BEST COFFEE IN TOWN!!!)

Crazicathi about 2 months ago

Grilled Portabello

Delicious! I love mushrooms and any dish with them in it. The sauce was perfect and there was just the right amount of it. The alfalfa sprouts perfectly complemented the flavors of the grilled mushroom and crisp onion straws. I typically like sandwiches to have more meat, but this is perfect for mornings where you don't want a heavy sandwich or burger at the start of your day, yet would like the satisfying experience of enjoying one.

Chrispypics 2 months ago

Bacon Apple Jalapeno Melt

nice twist on the fan favorite grilled cheese & tomato soup. The sweetness of the apple with the savory cheddar and jalapeno on super crunchy bread is mmm, mmm good! Must say the tomato soup (bisque?) is a stand out - fresh, creamy and splendid compliment to the sando.

Chrispypics 2 months ago

The Elvis

we for lunch the day before - enjoyed it so much, we came for breakfast the next day. My man ordered this ...raved about it's sweet & savory simplicity!

Lisabasile22 2 months ago

The Fig Melt

I loved the combination of ingredients on this sandwich. The bacon is meaty - not the fatty streaky bacon you usually see on sandwiches. I'm a fan of salty/sweet things so I really liked the balance of the salty bacon and bleu cheese, with the sweetness of the fig jam. It is a very rich sandwich, so order it when you are hungry! The tomato bisque was really fresh and delicious.

Trangtrinhcompany 2 months ago

Thick Cut Bacon

2 egg breakfast with thick cut bacon. I like the thick English muffin and thick bacon. It's definitely big enough to share. Next time I'm trying the loaded potatoes or the tartine. Hard to decide because everything looks delish!!! I'm telling all my neighbors and friends :)

Joni 2 months ago

The Fig Melt

My friend and I asked for the waiter's recommendation because it was our first time. When he recommended the Fig Melt, I was a bit skeptical because I do not care for figs. My friend asked for a burger recommendation, and he recommended theKmchi burger. Both plates were delivered on a simple platter. My friend and I split our meals so we could each have a taste of two meals at one sitting. The food was absolutely delicious! We called the waited over and had him pass our compliments to the chef! The staff was so nice as well. Keep up the great cooking and service!

Irishsnu 2 months ago

Breakfast BLT

I was pleasantly surprised by this sandwich. I am a big BLT fan and most places do a "so-so" job. After all a BLT isn't rocket science, right? Clutch and Coffee's BLT was fantastic. The bread was delicious - not over toasted, soft enough to enjoy and hold the sandwich together. The bacon was a different taste, tender and thick, amazing! And the arugula was a different type of green that added some pop to the sandwich. The service was outstanding with multiple employees stopping by to say hello and welcome us. The owner also asked us how things were tasting and we chatted for a bit. The food is great, atmosphere is fun, and the customer service is out of this world. A new and welcomed addition to Old Town Torrance (and much needed)!


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